Dude, this ID is totally legit. I got it from my older sister's boyfriend's weed dealer...he looks just like you. It's fool proof. Now just walk in, grab the Smirnoff Ice, pay for it, and we are so gonna get laid. GO SENIORS!!! Ahhh...the good old days when drinking was still exciting and not something we do to make the voices in my stop screaming. :

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EpiDose 342- Writers Block and Mayo
Wed, Nov 14 2018
This week is about how to get creatively unstuck. That is until Ben decides to get up on his soapbox about halfway through. But, fear not, we get back on track and eventually find ourselves to Stephen King all lathered up in mayo. Tag along and hear about

EpiDose 341- Your Daddy
Thu, Nov 08 2018
Who or what has power over your life? Is it your job? Your spouse? Your past? Dave wants to know. Emily adds interesting insights. Geoff has one-liners. Ben has stories. And Max is a part-time juggalo. Tune in for

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